Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Pop-Up Market

It's almost here...
The Spring Pop-Up Market 
at Logan Village Mall in Noblesville, IN
is this weekend!

Friday from 5-9pm and 
Saturday from 10-6pm

Come shop the 40 in-house vendors along with Guest Vendors:


Enjoy a Wine & Cheese Bar, Cupcakes, and other fun activities while you are there!

located at:
Logan Village Mall
977 Logan Street
Noblesville, IN

Dont miss this one...
We will be bringing all of our Garden and Outdoor Decor!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Let's be honest...
this winter weather has SUCKED! 

Small businesses are losing money left and right, seasonal affective disorder (the winter blues) is at an all time high, utility bills have gone up... blah blah blah~ winter has just been NO GOOD here in the Midwest.

All I have wanted to do is...
 lay under the covers, eat chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes (and a ton of butter) and drink wine :(

Even Doug's feeling the effects of winter (which usually NEVER happens)...
His jeans didn't fit the other day! HA HA! 

However, Spring is NEAR! 

and Hot House Market is REA~ DY!!!

Come see us!

Hot House Market
Vintage Boutique
900 Kossuth St.
Lafayette, IN 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

9 Lives Vintage

Wanna find some super cool vintage clothes in Lafayette???

We are SUPER EXCITED to Announce:

We are now stocking 9 Lives Vintage 
Clothing and Shoes in our Shop!

Come on in Wednesday~Saturday from 11-7
to Check it Out!

Hot House Market
900 Kossuth St.
Lafayette, IN

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentiney Happy Hour

We are SUPER Excited to Announce that we are having another Happy Hour Event this Wednesday, Feb. 12th from 5 to 7 pm! <3

20% OFF EVERYTHING in the Shop!

Sponsored by Mammaw's Sweet Shoppe

with Special Guests:

Vintage Clothing Dealers from Chicago

and Richard from Richard's Fabulous Finds!

Join us for an AWESOME Party! ALL ages welcome!

If you've had your eye on something special...
WEDNESDAY from 5-7 is the time to come in!

900 Kossuth St.
Lafayette, IN

Friday, February 7, 2014

Still looking for that perfect Valentine's Day Gift?

Don't Worry~ Hot House Market is here to help!

We have LOTS of ideas!


Check out our Valentine's Day Video :)

and... Come see us at:

900 Kossuth St. 
Lafayette, IN

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It's Time!

Our Annual Holiday Happy Hour is TOMORROW!

Dec. 5th from 5-7pm

There will be lots of fun stuff happening at Hot House Market's Holiday Happy Hour sponsored by The Knickerbocker Saloon &Professor Joes Sports Pub & Pizzeria! FREE FOOD, BEER, WINE & COCKTAILS, Elisa from Mint Lilly will be on hand, Jasmine fromJasmine Norris Photography will be there taking photos in our Photo Booth, & 20% OFF Everything in the Store!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Change of Plans

We planned on going to the Brooklyn Flea last weekend! Woo HOO!
Brooklyn is soooo FABULOUS!
Lots of amazing food & drinks, you are surrounded by different cultures, 
the BEST artists in the world, super cool architecture, street style oozing from like.. EVERYWHERE, 
I could go on and on about how 
freakin' FANTABULOUS going to NYC is...

This is where we were headed... The World Famous Brooklyn Flea~
note the young, thin, attractive, super stylish hipsters/customers :)

However, the big city is NOT where we ended up :(

This is what we were going for...

Sooooo, we decided to make lemonade out of lemons...

and THIS is where we ended up :)

and ended up having a BIG adventure in Northeast Ohio~ 
shopping and exploring a part of the U.S. that we had 
never seen.

Melissa was my travel partner :)

We started out heading towards the Rogers Flea Market... 
it is open all year round! 

This is the gravel road that leads to the Rogers Flea Market~ exciting!!!!

We were hoping to see  A LOT of vendors set up despite it being 35 degrees and drizzling outside~ 
I heard this Flea Market was AMAZING!

It was us and about 15 old men trying to root through the stuff the ONE vendor had sprawled out in the wet gravel!
This job is sooooo glamorous! and~ thanks to Melissa for capturing my double chin in this pic~ uggghhh :(

But, we only found one vintage vendor braving the weather :(

From there we really just started driving... we didn't even know 
where we were.. but we happened upon this little shop in Hanoverton, Ohio, population 408!

OMG! I was like... "do you wanna stop here?" and Melissa was like.."UH, YEAH!"
LOL! and~ this was our receipt~ we found some GOOD Stuff!
We found this dark closet in the back of the shop.. and the owner let me go through it!~ that is, after I crawled into it and found where the light was :) I found some great clothes in there!
The nice owner told us about the local restaurant that
served up some mean french toast and sausage~
so we headed out to the Avalon.

YUMMY homecooked food here! I think our total bill was under 10 bucks!

We met up with some cute little Donkeys outside the Avalon.  I <3 all animals~ so of course I wanted to pet them! That didn't really work out for me~ or Melissa's shoe (and the floor mat) for that matter :(

The weather was super gloomy all weekend and pretty
much drizzled the whole time~ but we wandered around anyway and stopped at seriously EVERY thrift store from Canton, OH to Lafayette.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fun People & Fun Stuff on our Travels

I know this post may be a little corny...
but I wanted to share a little behind the scenes
info about some of the fun stuff we've done here at Hot House Market :)

THE FAT RADISH, 17 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002~ notice the Amazing little table on the right?

When I first started in this biz I sold stuff on eBay.

At first I just sold little stuff like plates and mugs, small decorative items... 
But after a while, I started selling furniture!

Check out the Super Cute aqua table from Hot House :)

One of the first big items I sold was this AWESOME Aqua Chippy Shabby Table pictured above.

We bought it on one of our first buying trips to the Kane County Flea Market in the Chicago area.
I wheeled it around on my shopping cart ALL DAY!
It was an AWESOME find!!!

I was sooooo excited about selling it to a new 
Farm to Table restaurant 

The Fat Radish is an AMAZING little place in Chinatown~ and although we travel to NYC 
a lot~ we are always busy working and have never actually been to The Fat Radish or... any other restaurant in the city :(

BUT, one day, hopefully soon~ I WILL go to the Fat Radish and see our table in person.

Stephanie Izard is sitting on a HHM Sofa :)
Last winter, Mark Bazer, the amazing wirter/ performer and talk show host, contacted us 
about needing a new sofa for the set of The Interview Show.

We were super happy to help and got to deliver this SUPER COOL 70s Loveseat
right to the set, located at The Hideout (an AWESOME 100 year old house turned bar) in Chicago.

Some FABULOUS people have sat on that couch!

Hot House Market in Brooklyn
It's not unusual to see a familiar face walk past your booth in Brooklyn.

It's really exciting when someone famous actually BUYS something from us!
People who have bought stuff from us:

The super cute Carmindy! She looked just like this in person!


Jordis Unga!!! OMG! It was right after she was on The Voice!
She was super nice.
Cillian Murphy~ the GIANT movie star!!!
 Doug didn't recognize him because of his THICK accent~
but he stood there and talked to him for a LONG time about the Vintage
Carry On he was buying for his model-looking  girlfriend!!!
Hello~ Batman movies.. The Scarecrow.. duh!

Douglas NEVER recognizes anyone :/

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Visit our Store


Wednesday thru Saturday
11am to 7pm

Come on in and take a look at our
 ever~changing brick and mortar shop 
located on the Historic 9th Street Hill 
in Lafayette, Indiana :)

We have tons of Super Cute Vintage Clothes for Women and Men
MOST Everything is priced under $20!

There's always a great selection of Vintage and Antique Furniture to choose from.

We <3 Vintage Suitcases!

Handmade and Vintage Jewelry

Lots of Vintage Home Decor as well :)

And LOTS, LOTS, More!

Come visit us at:

Hot House Market
900 Kossuth Street
Lafayette, IN

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